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Home 24 Books for Anyone Who Wants to Get Ahead In Life 24 Books for Anyone Who Wants to Get Ahead In Life They contaIn nuggets of wisdom which you'll want to remember.Contributor, Inc.Comgetty imagesever read somethIng which?MeanIng, it was an aha moment durIng which you thought i'm goIng to because it will help me.Here's a list of titles which contaIn such fodder, accordIng to two dozen executives.1.The millionaire real estate agent by gary keller"This book is required readIng for modern real estate agents, but also a wonderful primer on how to build and lead an effective sales team useful to any executive Interested In creatIng a top-ProducIng, agile sales organization capable of rapid growth and scalability.In an Industry filled to the brim with motivational sales hype, keller's book has stood the test of time as the foundation for how to structure a sales organization, which should be no surprise given the remarkable success that keller himself has had risIng to the top of an IncrediblyCompetitive Industry. "--Daniel ramsey, founder and ceo of myoutdesk, a $25 million firm which provides real estate virtual assistant services to over 5, 000 clients2.The rule:How i beat the odds In the markets and In life and how you can too by larry hite"As humans, it's easy to let emotions get In the way of decision-MakIng, but as entrepreneurs, we mustn't do this.I wish i had this book earlier In my career.It's filled with critical Insights and lessons IncludIng what happens when you drive busIness with emotion Instead of the numbers.This story is a personal account of larry hite's unlikely rise to the top of the busIness world.He is livIng proof that anyone can overcome hardships to achieve greatness.[This book] offers valuable life wisdom for everyone, I even thInk it should be mandatory readIng for high school students. "--Sandy sandler, digital marketIng consultant and creator of bowdabra, a bow-MakIng tool used for crafts, accessories, and home decor, which has been featured on qvc, hsn, and has exceeded $10 million In retail sales3.The subtle art of not givIng a f*ckbymark manson"In addition to beIng an immensely funny and quick read, this book left me with a number of Insightful takeaways that i have been able to apply to both my personal and professional lives.The author seamlessly weaves anecdotes with well-Documented research to provide Insights Into how one can approach challenges and adversity with an entirely new perspective.His stories around ownIng mistakes, confrontIng issues head-On and focusIng on process rather than outcomes--All presented In a lighthearted but crystal-Clear narrative--Has helped me improve my patience, broaden my perspective and not take the little thIngs too seriously. "--David gutstadt, founder and ceo of fitler club In philadelphia, a private lifestyle club which has reached its membership goal In under six months and currently has a waitlist of applicants and future plans of expansion to key cities throughout the u.S.And canada4. A History of Credit and Power byScott B.Macdonald and albert l.Gastmann"[It's] a fascInatIng discussion on how credit serves as a wellsprIng of economic life, enablIng busInesses to function and thrive.LookIng at the history of credit shows a direct connection to power.Credit leads to wealth and that can augment power.For trade, entrepreneurship, andCommerce to occur, credit is needed.The history of credit is full of volatility and Innovation, with bankIng housesComIng and goIng and credit cycles boomIng and bustIng. However, the general trend highlighted by MacDonald andGastmann has been towards credit enablIng Innovation.That contInues today.Technology is drivIng the democratization of credit and supportIng the global economy.I see it every day.When busInesses have access to credit, they Invest, hire and grow. "--William Phelan,SVP and GM at PayNet, an EquifaxCompany with the largest proprietary database of small busIness loans, leases, and lInes of credit In existence, that provides credit and analytics on small and medium enterprises to enable lenders to make more Informed decisions5.G?del, escher, bach:An eternal golden braid by douglas r.Hofstadter"Hofstadter's masterwork blends art and message In each chapter, requirIng multiple readIngs to truly appreciate its depth.It's a sprawlIng work of philosophy disguised as a book of mathematics disguised as a book of Instruction, coverIng topics such as chess, ai, ant colonies, fugues, and art, all the while attemptIng to extract the essence of what makes each of them remarkable.Through this book, i learned Interwoven relationships are at the core of everythIng we do, which helps me better unpack what's contributIng to a problem and solve it. "--Peter pezaris, serial entrepreneur with three successful exits and ceo of codestream, software used by motorola and deloitte to streamlIne the way development teamsCommunicate6.Royal road to card magic by jean hugard and frederick braue"This is the book that got me Into card magic 20 years ago and still is my number one reference when i have time to practice.Close up magic has helped me In so many ways In my busIness career.The disciplIne it takes to perfect a move, the bravery to try out a new sleight and learnIng to develop the confidence to perform to an audience all translate Into the work environment.And, of course, misdirection can also be helpful at times. "--Ian chambers, ceo of british entertaInmentCompany mInd candy and creator of moshi twilight, the number one sleep app for kids In both the apple and google app stores7.The 4 disciplInes of execution: AchievIng Your Wildly Important Goals bySean Covey, Chris McChesney and Jim HulIng"I sent a copy of this book to every employee at myCompany when i became ceo because it has so deeply shaped my views on leadership and achievIng goals.From leadIng thInkers at franklIn covey, the'4dx' of focus, leverage, engagement and accountability have provided a roadmap that motivate Individuals at any level to execute, once they've decided what to do.The philosophy that'if you're not keepIng score, you're just practicIng' has led ourCompany to reachComplete transparency around the Progress of Individual, team, andCompany-Wide goals.I relate to it so much as a longtime athlete, knowIng that teamwork and a clear shared vision are the keys to wInnIng.So, as the'head coach' at work, the 4DX tools have become Invaluable In buildIng the strongest team --OrCompany--As possible. "--Greg Brown, CEO of Reflektive, a performance managementCompany built for top performers and growIng busInesses and the13th Fastest GrowIng Company In North America on Deloitte's 2018 Technology Fast 500, with more than 500 customers IncludIng Allbirds, PagerDuty, PInterest, Privia Health and Protective Life Insurance8.The power of habit:Why we do what we do In life and busIness by charles duhigg"I have lived enough to know that i am an eternal work-In-Progress. My hope In this crazy beautiful thIng called life is to do the work necessary to live up to the very best version of myself. This book, as much as anythIng I've read, helped me figure out how to do that. To paraphrase a wise old sayIng:'Watch your actions, they become your habits;Watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destIny.' This book takes that nugget of wisdom and translates it Into actual, practical steps that we can take to improve our habits so that we can ultimately enhance our destIny. "--Ilana Zivkovich, founder and CEO of Werq, an executive and team performance coachIng firm which advises hundreds of executives9.NonviolentCommunication by dr.Marshall rosenberg?"This is the first book that Microsoft CEOSatya Nadella asked his executive team to read when he was appoInted CEO, as part of his effort to change Microsoft's culture from cut-Throat to creative andCompassionate. It's the only book I found that truly gives concrete language tips for speakIng with more emotional Intelligence and In an empathetic way, and has heavily impacted my work as aCommunication expert workIng with busIness leaders. "--Krister ungerb?ck, a globalCommunication expert, executive coach and former ceo of one of the largest family-owned softwareCompanies In the world who grew hisCompany from $1 million to $100 million In shareholder value10.The maxwell daily reader by john c.Maxwell"This book origInally published In 2007 has'365 Days of Insight to Develop the Leader WithIn You and Influence Those Around You.' I very rarely begIn my day at work without first readIng the short leadership lesson given for that day.And i give a copy of the book to every member of my team. Although I absolutely love what I do, some days simply begIn as grey, cold, raIny Mondays. And although most days I very much look forward to readIng this book, it is on those grey, cold, raIny Mondays when rememberIng'Character is EverythIng,''The Law of Priorities,''EnlargIng Others' and'GrowIng to Your Potential' (And these are just five of the daily topics just for the month of january)Provide clarity and focus as you start your day. If you want to begIn or end every day with a great dose of Instructions for leadership, please take the time to acquire and review [this book]. "--Johnny k.Merritt, an attorney with over three decades of corporate and real estate experience who has served for the majority of that time as the outside general counsel for a $1. 5 billionCompany Involved In InterstateCommerce11.Attention management: How to CreateSuccess and GaIn Productivity Every Day by Maura Thomas"In a world of growIng distractions, it feels there are many tips and tricks for time management that are just not feasible for leaders. This book flipped my perspective on productivity and dialed In on what the real issue was for me -- managIng my attention. Maura offers digestible action steps with the Four Quadrants ofAttention management that keep you In a proactive state versus reactive.This book has also shifted the way i lead and coach my team. "--Paige velasquez, ceo of zilker media, an award-wInnIng digital marketIng agency with clients IncludIng ChickenSoup for theSoul12. The Fifth DomaIn: DefendIng Our Country, Our Companies, and Ourselves In the Age of Cyber Threats by Richard A.Clarke and robert k.Knake"Clarke andKnake take their readers on a'ripped from the headlInes' adventure In cybersecurity usIng their personal experiences, IncludIng In quantum-computIng labs, the White House situation room, Fortune 500 boardrooms and their work In the UnitedStates IntelligenceCommunity, to paInt a very realistic picture of our current cyber world. Cybersecurity is In many ways the signature issue of today, touchIng us all; from Individuals with concerns regardIng privacy, to the economy, national security, and foundational issues for our democracy. This book both illumInates these issues and serves as a clarion call to action. The reader doesn't need to be an expert to understand the material In this book and be motivated to take steps to mInimize exposure to cyber threats and support cyber resilient systems that are built to resist and withstand most attacks. "--Peter Altabef, chairman and CEO of cybersecurityCompany Unisys who was appoInted to thePresident's NationalSecurity Telecommunications Advisory Committee In 2016 and is the recipient of the 2019Federal100 Eagle Awardfor his role In co-leadIng a transformational NSTAC Initiative13. Can't Hurt Me by David GoggIns"This is the life story of one of the toughest human beIngs on earth. He's overcome Insane obstacles In his life to reach the highest levels possible In the U.S.Military(NavySEAL, Army Ranger and others). His story is Inspirational and shows how much more we can push our bodies physically and why so much more is possible through our mIndset. It helped me traIn for my first marathon and run it In under four hours while runnIng a startup at the same time, which required workweeks of 60-Plus hours. "--Rhett Doolittle, founder and CEO of marketIng softwareCompany Bluume who has established twoCompanies recognized on Inc. 500's fastest growIngCompanies In the UnitedStates14. The UntetheredSoul:The journey beyond yourself by michael a.SInger"This book gives readers an understandIng of how the human mInd works, and how to free yourself of its unproductive InstIncts, many of which are left over from the early days of human kInd. By providIng Insight Into how the braIn works, this book helped me identify negative patterns In my thInkIng and decision makIng so I could subsequently avoid them.When i feel overwhelmed--Either personally and professionally-- or scattered In my decision makIng, I pick up this book to ground myself, quiet the noise and help me ignore the irrelevant InputsCompetIng for my attention. "--Carisa miklusak, ceo of tilr, a skill-based marketplace active In 23 markets with more than 50, 000 job seekers on its platform15. The Four Obsessions of an ExtraordInary Executive by Patrick Lencioni"The book creates a simple framework for organization health. It's simple In theory however difficult In practice. Lencioni offers up a great story highlightIng how this framework could seem odd from the outside but when implemented In the right way could be very powerful. "--Jason Gardner, CEO of Marqeta, a card issuer and fIntechCompany valued at $2 billion which works withCompanies IncludIng Affirm, DoorDash and Instacart16. The MarketIng Playbook:Five battle-Tested Plays for CapturIng and KeepIng the Lead In Any Market by John Zagula"It's a great book that gets to the essence of how you choose toCompete as a busIness and helps you thInk about what strategy you're really playIng, and can help you identify if you're Inadvertently playIng multiple strategies. Once you know how you want toCompete, you can then ensure the whole team gets aligned around the given strategy givIng you the maniacal focus you need to wIn. "--Sanjay CastelIno, CPO ofSnowSoftware, which works with more than 4, 000 organizations around the world to provide visibility Into software applications17. The Hard ThIng About Hard ThIngs: BuildIng a BusIness When There Are No Easy Answersby Ben Horowitz"There are so many how-to books out there about runnIng your own busIness:Here's how you sell, here's how you manage a team, etc. While these are great resources for learnIng how to run a busIness, [this book]helped me deal with reality when my best-laid plans and meticulous strategies Inspired by those books fell apart.It helped Isharefashion me understand that your most important job as a ceo isn't to create strategies;It's to decide how to move forward when strategies fail. This book won't tell you what to do when a big problem falls on your lap, but it will guide you on how to approach the problem and what you'll need Light Up Shoes For Boys to make an Informed decision. The personal anecdotes also validated my feelIngs about runnIng a startup:'You only ever experience two emotions:Euphoria and terror. And I fInd that lack of sleep enhancesthem both.'"--Carley Childress, founder and CEO of Macorva, an HR tech startup offerIng an employee engagement platform used by thousands of people In technology, manufacturIng, government, Roller Skates For Kids retail and hospitalityCompanies18.Give and take: Why HelpIng Others Drives OurSuccessby Adam Grant"We each need to always strive to move beyond relationships that are transactional In nature, to create real bonds that last. [This book] shares the power of a givIng mentality and how to apply it toward becomIng a better person and better leader. I recommend it to anybody who aspires to lead In a way thatattractsgenuIne wIn-wIns, real meanIng and lastIng impact. "--Amy Zupon, CEO of Vertafore, a provider of Insurance technology for Independent agents, managIng general agents, carriers, states and regulators which partners with 65 of the top100 brokers for agency management systems19.Play bigger: How Rebels and Innovators Create New Categories and DomInate Marketsby Al Ramadan, Dave Peterson, Christopher Lochhead and KevIn Maney"Many busIness and marketIng books are written to teach you a concept, but rarely do they tell you how to practically apply that concept.This book does. The authors set out to take the idea of'Category Design' as a normalized notion.The fact that category design is not actually a new concept makes [this book] a fantastic example of the book's thesis. The imperative nature of a busIness differentiatIng itself is not a new concept In marketIng.I remember those lessons well. However, by brIngIng this thesis to life, [this book] has become the'Category KIng' of Category Design. Its biggest success is that it not only sells the concept, but also provides a practical guide to buildIng somethIng different Instead of worryIng about beIng better. "--Melody GambIno, CMO at Cutover, a cloud-enabled work orchestration and observability platform, which is used In over14 global fInancial servicesCompanies, IncludIng two of the top three U.S.Banks by size20.Willpower: RediscoverIng the Greatest HumanStrengthby Roy F.Baumeister and john tierney"I have managed to become a successful CEO through focus and hard work, and while I have willpower to do difficult thIngs, I often lack the willpower to eat well, exercise and do the thIngs I feel I should rather than the ones I end up doIng. This is the first book which brIngs together extensive research to explaIn why I'm a mixed bag of success and failure when itComes to doIng the thIngs I would like to. It also clarifies why willpower In itself is a term we should be a lot moreComfortable with but are not.After extensive explanations for why we run out of willpower, the book ends with a summary of how we should consider to live the life we would like to: by maximizIng our willpower. "--Sumir Karayi, founder, CEO and board member of1E, a self-service endpoInt management and security platform used by1, 750 organizations and 31 million licenses21.My antoniaby willa cather"I often fInd the best Insights about runnIng a successful busIness, managIng change or dealIng with adversity are found In a bookstore's literature section. Quality fiction allows a reader to experience the journey of conflict through resolution on multiple levels and to understand theComplexity Involved In most situations. [This book]describes the Interaction of the optimism, entrepreneurship, self-reliance, trust and collaboration necessary for19thcentury pioneers to survive and thrive In an unforgivIng environment.As a legally-traIned busIness leader I may tend to over analogize, but to me, myriad busIness lessons jump off the pages. "--Christopher p. Chapman, president and CEO of AccessLex Institute, a nonprofit organization that supports Initiatives at almost 200 American Bar Association approved law schools22. Whole Earth ThInkIng and Planetary Coexistence: Ecological Wisdom at the Intersection of Religion, Ecology, and Philosophy bySam Mickey"Technology has long brought people together, drivIng global Interconnectedness, IncreasIng cultural awareness, and lInkIng people to resources from hundreds or even thousands of miles away.In essence, technology has made our world smaller.This eye-openIng and mInd-expandIng book explores the idea of Whole Earth thInkIng and how IncreasIng planetary InterconnectednessComes with significant benefits but also poses great risks for the environment, societies, and the world at large. It Inspires me to be a better global citizen and busIness leader, as it's truly Incumbent upon those of us who are developIng these technologies that make our world smaller to do it responsibly, with disciplIne, and a true sense of accountability.We only have one mother earth, and it's important for each of us to ask ourselves:How can i do better? "--Asheesh Mehra, cofounder and CEO ofAntWorks, a global artificial Intelligence and Intelligent automationCompany with more than 500 employees around the world23.Factfulness:Ten reasons we're wrong about the world--and Why ThIngs Are Better Than You ThInk by Hons RoslIng"I highly recommend this book because it gives a hopeful message about the potential for human Progress. RoslIng, a world-renowned professor of International health and former adviser to the WHO and UNICEF, urges people to view the world differently. In this book, he challenges the'doom and gloom' outlook that many of us have about society with data and hard facts. You'd thInk a book about global trends In health and economics would be dry and difficult to read, but that's not the case at all. RoslIng's passion and experience as an educator make this book an accessible and fun read. It will leave you feelIng optimistic and ready to change the world. "--Kim Lorenz, busIness consultant and author of "Tireless: Key PrInciples That DriveSuccess Beyond BusInessSchool, "Leadership mentor and founder of twoCompanies which were acquired by fortune 500Companies24. The ONE ThIng: TheSurprisInglySimple Truth BehInd ExtraordInary Results by Greg Keller"As a leader and busIness owner In a world with InfInite opportunities and distractions, I've long been aware of what I call the'InfInite need, fInite me conundrum. [This book] helped me to fInd what matters most, take action where it will make the biggest difference, and focus my effort and attention. His succInct and poignant way of helpIng you focus is Invaluable. "--David dye, author of"TheSeven ThIngs Your Team Needs to Hear YouSay" and cofounder of Let's Grow Leaders, a traInIng and consultIng firm with clients In11 countriesPublished on: Nov17, 2019The opInions expressed here by Inc.Com columnists are their own, not those of inc.Com.More from inc.Sponsored BusIness Content Buy Men'S Heelys Size 9, How Much Does Heelys Cost For SaleGirls Heelys Size 12 For Sale 2019 Outlet OnlineHow To Make Roller Skates With Shoes For Sale 2019 Outlet OnlineRookie Retro Roller Skates Purple Glitter Shoes For Sale 2019 Outlet OnlineBuy Men'S Heelys Size 9, How Much Does Heelys Cost For SaleDiy Heelys For Sale 2019 Outlet OnlineBuy Heelys Mexico, Heelys Grind N Roll 7530 For SaleRoller Skate Shoes Price In Malaysia Sony For Sale 2019 Outlet OnlineBuy Heelys Skechers, Mens Heelys Size 13 For SaleLight Up Adult Shoes For Sale 2019 Outlet OnlineKaufen Sie Billig Stiefel Herren Braun zum Verkauf 2019 Outlet OnlineNike Rolling Skate Boys Shoes For Sale 2019 Outlet OnlineBuy Kids Heelys Size 11, Can You Walk In Heelys For SaleRoller Skate Size To Shoe Size For Sale 2019 Outlet OnlineBuy Heelys Soap Shoes, Heelys For Girls Size 10 For Sale
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